Introducing the Service Business Xcelerator…

… a VAULT of proven resources for service companies in the trades (including HVAC, plumbing, electrical, drain clearing, restoration, landscaping, pest control, roofing, appliance repair and more) that you can try RISK FREE.*

Imagine how your Service Business would be impacted with immediate access to the following:

Solve Your Hiring Problems

This training shows you the exact strategies to recruit, hire, and retain A-players and instantly eliminate the headaches of bad hires. (Plus, you’ll also hear about my clever trick to rapidly accelerate the hiring process, which is why I can hire 10 or more great team members in the same amount of time most people hire 1.

Secret To Next-Level Business Growth and Productivity

Find out why so many service business owners are spinning their wheels doing the wrong things at the wrong time, and instantly gain back HOURS in your day. This one training module alone can help you get home in time for dinner every single day. It’s one of the fastest-to-implement trainings we have and will surprise you with how many extra hours you will get in your day to grow your business, lead your company, and spend time with your family.

5 Things Your Competitors Are Not Doing; How To Grow Your Business To Over $32M A Year

In this training, I reveal the 5 things that I did to grow my company to over $32 million a year, and I break it down to show you how these 5 strategies give you a HUGE competitive advantage over your competitors. You’ll instantly make them irrelevant (or maybe even acquire them, which is what I did) simply because you start doing these 5 strategic things. It’s super actionable and could be the number 1 growth module you reference over and over again for the next 12 months.

How To Motivate Your Employees And Get Them On The Same Side

If you’re like a lot of service business owners I meet, motivating your employees can be FRUSTRATING. Here’s the good news: I show you exactly how I learned to motivate my employees. (Confession: I was a crappy boss of 1 employee many years ago… and then I learned to be a great boss of over 200 people. I’ll show you what made all the difference and how I got my employees to start doing what I wanted them to do.)

Super-powered Business Card

Do you have a business card? Here’s a weird thought: your business card might actually be HURTING your business. I’ve tested hundreds if not thousands of business cards over the years and I found the one that WORKS. I’ll share it with you so all you need to do is copy it and use it in your business. (And you might be saying: what is that worth to me? Who cares about a business card? Well, I can tell you from measurable experience that this one resource alone could potentially bring in more business to more than pay for the Xcelerator.)

Holiday Promotions

Have you ever wondered what to do when the holidays come? What kind of promotions should you offer and how do you create a holiday promotion that works? Well now you don’t have to spend another precious minute wondering: you get my proven holiday promotion templates and swipe files, including the exact promotions that I used and the templates to build them yourself. Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year, and more, all here for you to get more business instantly and eliminate the costly trial and error of guessing.

More Marketing Assets That You Can Swipe And Deploy

Get door hangers, radius letters, postcards follow-up letters, and more, all created and used in my $32 million dollar service company (and in use right now by other service companies all around the world)… and they’re yours ALL as part of the Xcelerator. No more guesswork. No more wondering if you should do it or what you should say. It’s all right here. The resources here easily generated more than $8-12 million dollars a year in my service company… what could they do for you if you simply swiped and deployed?

Systems and Processes

The secret to more profit? Systems and processes… but most people don’t even know where to start or how to implement. Well, I’ve got you covered with processes and systems in Xcelerator that will get your team on track and moving forward quickly. There’s a checklist for dispatch communications; a process for booking landlord tenant calls; there’s a process for tracking prospects who say “no” so you can follow-up more effectively; there’s a process for tracking your outbound team; there’s a process for scheduling vacations; there’s a process for dealing with unwanted media attention; there’s a process for the first call of the day; there’s a process for pre-sold jobs; and at least 7 other processes as I write this (and more being added regularly).


Guess what: those boring old forms could be hurting your business, or you’re not even aware of how they could be helping. I’ve got a ton of forms already pre-built and ready for you to customize and apply to your business. (These forms I used in my service company to streamline everything and make sure my team was doing their job.) Here are just a few of the forms you’ll get: a Hold Harmless form; an excavating and trenching form; a heat exchanger failure form; an equipment sign-out form (make sure you apply that in your company TODAY); a truck inspection form; and more.

Safety Training Manual

You probably need to do safety training in your company. Well, what if I just GAVE YOU a safety training manual so you had it ready to go and you can run your training any time? (Chances are, you’ve been putting it off while you figured out what to train. I’m giving you the manual.)

New Hire Onboarding

What happens in the very first few hours and days of a new employee will determine how long they say with you and how hard they work. With our proven New Hire Onboarding module, you’ll find out exactly how to onboard your new hires and get them working hard for you right from day one. As soon as I implemented this, my B-player new hires turned into A-players and started out-performing my best team members who had been around for a while. I was shocked!

Profit Calculator

The often-overlooked “secret weapon” of the most successful businesses is a profit calculator. Our clients swear by this and it changes everything when they implement. They know exactly how much profit every job will make, and you’ll never leave money on the table again. (You’ll even know exactly when to walk away from a job because you’ll lose money.) This is the cutting edge tool you never knew you needed (and now you’ll wonder how you survived without). Some people tell us that this resource alone pays for the Xcelerator month after month after month.

Employee Handbook

One of the most important documents you’ll ever give your employees to get the best employees rapidly performing at the highest level for you… yet most service companies don’t put enough focus on their employee handbook or even know what should go inside of one. Use the one we’ve built to quickly turn your employees into high-performers who love working for you!


On top of that, we’ve got dozens of trainings that get you up to speed on the critical functions in your business, like marketing (“Maximum Profits Direct Marketing”), hiring (“Solve Your Hiring Problems” and “The Hiring Secret No One Is Talking About”), the busy summer season (“Summer Profit Explosion”)… plus presentations on productivity, outsourcing, profit, HVAC sales, competition, inventory management, incentives, how to sell indoor air quality… and so much more!


We also have an active community forum that gets you interacting with the CEO Warrior team, as well as other service business owners, and it’s a place where we share additional trainings and insights regularly. Ask your questions, get fast answers, and keep moving quickly.

The Weekly Power Call

Join us for a weekly call that covers one of 4 key topics: hiring, marketing, sales, leadership. You’ll hear from experts, team members, vendors, and even other clients—all who are serving the industry. You’ll get actionable tips and strategies… (and don’t worry, every call is recorded so you can listen later if you are on a job).

Free Ticket To Our Events

Attend one of our Service Business Live events each year that you’re an active member. The Service Business Live is 3 days of action-oriented INTENSIVE training where you’ll get our $32 million dollar playbook and then build a blueprint of strategies that you’ll apply in your company, including the steps and systems that you need to deploy for each of these strategies. These 90-day blueprints will become the cornerstone of your company and you’ll build one at our event (and as often as you want)… these events normally sell for as much $2,499 (and sometimes as high as $6,999) but you can attend one time a year as long as you’re an active member.

I’m only scratching the surface of what you get. There’s more. At the time of this writing, there are more than 165 strategies, and we add more every month.

  • How much is each one worth on its own to your company?
  • How much could they grow your company if you applied even a few?
  • How much could you grow if you applied all of them?
  • ​​And the best part… keep reading to find out how to get access risk free…

Just Imagine How This Can Help

  • How much time and money would these resources save you because you don’t have to start from scratch?
  • How much costly trial-and-error can you avoid?
  • How much faster can you move by applying the strategies you KNOW are working right now for service companies?

Imagine what impact this will have in your service company.

There you are, crawling through a customer’s attic and a team member calls you from another job. He has a question. Now you just jump into the Xcelerator Vault, find the answer, download the resource and send it to your team member.

Total time? 5 minutes. Now your team member’s question is solved and you’re back to the job.

Or maybe you’re driving home after a long day and instead of listening to the radio you download a recording of a call about lead generation. By the time you get home, you have a dozen practical, actionable ideas you can implement tomorrow that will get you more leads right away.

As you grow, you hire another team member and instead of making the same mistakes as every other service business owner, you go to the Xcelerator and find an employee handbook that has the answers you need.

No matter what the topic—from recruiting and hiring to marketing and sales, from leadership to financials, from systems to success, you’ll find actionable resources and strategies in Xcelerator that you can apply right away.

It’s like having an expert that’s just a click of a button away, with resources that will help you no matter what you’re facing.

Here's What Some Other Service Business Owners (maybe like you) Have to Say

This past year we have grown from offering just septic and drain cleaning to adding heating, cooling, electrical, plumbing, same day bathroom makeovers and pipe bursting. CEO Warrior has changed our world, not just in our business, but as a business owner, a business leader, but also a parent, a wife, a friend. CEO Warrior is like no other trade organization.
Rowell's Services
As a result of going to the Service Business Edge (a year ago) I went from 3.5 to 5.5 million dollars in 12 months It's been a radical change. If you are even considering that you should do something different in your business - you gotta get here. CEO Warrior is the BEST investment you can make. It impacts you as a person, but also the rest of the company, your employees, your business.
Allied Restoration
My business was doing okay but I was not confident. I was not a good leader. We were getting things done but we lacked direction and it was becoming very stressful. I was a member of several organizations in the past and had a one on one business coach. I felt that the coach helped me, but I outgrew him and was no longer getting the value. I had been following Mike and CEO Warrior on social media and mailings that I was receiving and was very intrigued. That is when I decided to come to SBE.
Since becoming a Warrior I have a better management system, better personal life and I have hired a good team of people. I am no longer wasting money on inferior marketing. I have confidence knowing that the other Warriors and CEO Warrior Team has my back. If I am unable to figure something out I know there is someone that I can call to help. There are coaching calls twice a week and one on one coaching calls with the Master Advisors when needed.
I am now a confident leader with a vision. All my employees know this and believe in me. We have gone from $700,000 to over $1 million in less than one year and we have more employees on the team. We had a record year and will continue to build the business into an Empire.
Professional Heating and Cooling

Is This Right For You? Let Me Show You How I’d Make This Decision

Yes, you can try this RISK FREE for a FULL 30-Days, and then you'll remain an active member for just $397 a month… which is less than $13.25 per day.

… now, depending on what trade you’re in, that’s potentially just 1 more job PER MONTH (probably less) that you need to sell to get access to these resources.

So let me ask you: based on the resources, strategies, and swipe-and-deploy files I’ve mentioned so far, and how quickly they’ll help you grow, and how much time and money you’ll save… do you think you’ll EASILY find $13.25 per day for this?

Chances are, you’ll find MUCH more that will help you get more leads and sales, hire better team members, lead a stronger growing company… all within the Service Business Xcelerator.

There’s one simple way to find out: take me up on my generous risk free 30 day test drive. Test the waters and find out for yourself. (In fact, I’ll bet you find something that will make or save you FAR MORE than $397 in the next few minutes of going through the Xcelerator resources yourself once you join.

And like I said before... if you've been part of our world and you want to maximize your savings, then by all means take advantage of the 1 YEAR program that gives you $864 in additional savings which is more than 2 months free.

Find out for yourself here…

Here’s What Other Top Service Business Owners (maybe like you) Have to Say:

My biggest regret is that Mike didn’t start CEO Warrior ten years ago. We’d be much farther along if he had. So it’s all Mike’s fault! … I’m teasing! I’m very happy and thankful to be part of CEO Warrior. It’s something more than just learning systems and procedures… it’s about learning to grow as a human being and learning to use the word “serve” and go help other people. That’s what we’re doing.
Lion Home Services
Get off the fence and do it. Believe me when I tell you, you won’t be disappointed. You got to be off of your rocker not to check this out... The return was phenomenal. More than 10 times. It’s more than 10 times what I paid already.
Einstein Plumbing
College doesn’t teach this stuff. I have a business degree, a finance degree, and a law degree. And they don’t teach this stuff. Talk about all systems and processes they’ve got here. CEO Warrior gives you access to the technical stuff, the financial stuff, the legal stuff, to systems and processes… and the business and marketing… everything you need to grow your business. You name it… they’ve done it and they’ve mastered it.
Gold Eagle Services
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